No. 3110. Junkers Ju 87 R Luftwaffe
Source unknown

Junkers Ju 87 R

Original German propaganda photo caption: "Our airman are prepared to make many jokes. Apparently a comrade deserved a little rub in the snow. February 24, 1941."

12/12/2003. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "The aircraft depicted is a Ju 87 R (R = reichweite, long range), basically a Ju 87 B-2 with enlarged wing fuel tanks and two auxiliary wings tanks. The R version could carry only a single 551 lb (250 kg) bomb under the fuselage. In my opinion this photograph was taken in Norway in 1940. Very likely this is a propagandistic photograph. I have a book that contains a similar photograph, seemingly relevant to the same aircraft in the same occasion. In this photo Norwegian skiers fraternize with German airmen, very close to the Ju 87, photographed frontally."

Created December 12, 2003