No. 3112. Heinkel He 111 ("56+E12") Luftwaffe
Source unknown

Heinkel He 111

12/12/2003. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "The aircraft depicted is an He 111 of the earlier marks, those equipped with a stepped nose. The photograph shows no machine guns in the nose and dorsal mounts. There is a very remote possibility that the guns have been deleted by the military censors. In my opinion it is more likely that the photograph has been taken when this aircraft was already relegated to transport role and consequently had its machine guns removed. In effect, during World War II, the Heinkel He 111 of earlier marks (with stepped nose) were used by Luftwaffe for transport duties. The aircraft depicted is not a He 111 C. There are three options: He 111 E, He 111 F or He 111 J."

Created December 12, 2003