No. 3248. Heinkel He 111 P Luftwaffe
Source unknown

Heinkel He 111 P

Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "This was the first production series equipped without the stepped nose, then retained in all further versions, like the most widely used version, the 'H'. The 'P' version was equipped with Daimler Benz DB 601 engines. In fact, in the photograph you can see the cylindrical air intake of the compressor that is fitted in the left side of each engine nacelle. The 'H' version had an airframe exactly equal to the 'P' version, but was equipped with Junkers Jumo 211F engines. These engines had the compressor air intake on the right side of each engine nacelle. I think this is the only way to distinguish an 'P' from an 'H'.

At first (autumn 1938) Junkers start the production of 'P' version, but in 1939 the production was quickly switched to 'H' version, because there was lack of DB 601 engines, mainly destined to Me 109 and Bf 110 fighters. More or less, 'P' and 'H' versions had same performances and payload. In the first phase of the war they were used together, although during 'Battle of Britain' the 'H' almost supplanted the 'P'. Probably 'P' version was slightly better, because the Commander of each Kampfgeschwader usually flew a 'P'. For example, Fl.Lt. Alois Stoeckl (Commander of KG 55) was shot down and killed on August 14, 1940 near Middle Wallop (UK) while he was flying his 'P'. Likely this photograph was taken in the early stage of war (circa 1939-1940)."

Created January 27, 2004