No. 8814. Sikorsky S-62A HH-52A Sea Guardian (1378 c/n 62056) US Coast Guard
Photographed at Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile Bay, Alabama, USA, October 14, 2008, by Harold Arkenbout
Arkenbout No. ALArk_314

Sikorsky S-62A HH-52A Sea Guardian

04/30/2009. The S-62 was designed for amphibious operations, and incorporated many components from the S-55, including the rotor blades, main and tail rotor heads, main and tail gearboxes, shafting and portions of the flight controls and hydraulic systems. Power-plant was the 1,050 shp General Electric T58-GE-6 turbine engines.

The first S-62 (N880) flew at Stratford, Connecticut on May 22, 1958, and was used in a world-wide promotion tour, while a second (N972) was used to gain the FAA Type Certificate, that was issued on June 30, 1960. The USCG evaluated N880 and in time ordered a total of 99 S-62As (serials 1352-1379, 1382-1413, 1415-1429, 1439-1450, 1455/1466) that were delivered from 1962 on, designated HH-52A, these were fitted with the 1,250 shp T58-GE-8.

The S-62B and S-62C were similar, the former fitted with the S-58 dynamic components (rotor blades shortened by 1 ft 1 in, 0.33 m), while the latter was for commercial and military purposes. A total of 151 S-62s were produced including 25 produced under license by Mitsubishi in Japan.

After years of demonstrations and evaluations N880 was sold to San Francisco and Oakland Helicopters Airlines in 1964, it is still registered, now to Carson Services Inc., Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

Created April 30, 2009