No. 9862. Curtiss 1 JN-4D (NC2946 c/n 8047)
Photographed at Golden Age Air Museum, Bethel, Pennsylvania, USA, September 25, 2009, by Gilles Auliard

Curtiss 1 JN-4D

05/31/2010. This JN-4D was built by Curtiss in 1918, served with the USAAS as a primary trainer and made its last flight before 1926. After a seven year restoration at the Golden Age Air Museum the aircraft made its second maiden flight on July 5, 2009. The paint scheme represents the famous barnstormer and Hollywood pilot Earl S. Daugherty of Long Beach, California.

At least 5415 serials were assigned to the JN-4D and JN-4D-2 (a slightly improved version), 2259 were cancelled, the production was divided between Curtiss and six license builders:

Created May 31, 2010