No. 9863. Fairchild KR-21A (NC207V c/n 1)
Photographed at Brodhead, Wisconsin, USA, September 12, 2009, by Gilles Auliard

Fairchild KR-21A

05/31/2010. In 1920 the brothers Lewis E. and Henry Reisner formed the Reisner Aero Service, Inc. at Hagerstown, Maryland, by 1925 they had secured a Waco dealership and had been joined by Ammon H. Kreider (a wealthy shoe manufacturer and pilot). In 1926 the company was renamed Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Company, Inc. while in 1929 it became part of the Fairchild Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

Kreider-Reisner had developed the Challenger-series from 1927 on, the three-seat C-6A Challenger appeared in 1929 of which two were produced, NX207V and NX576E, powered by an 110 hp Warner Scarab engine. Two aircraft were produced with a 100 hp Kinner K-5 engine, these were designated C-6B Challenger. After the Fairchild takeover the C-6B became the KR-21A and 43 were produced, of which one aircraft was fitted with an 85 hp Genet engine, while the two C-6As were re-engined with the Kinner K-5 engine. The C-6A became the KR-21B and an additional five were produced.

So the pictured aircraft was designed and built as the Kreider-Reisner C-6A Challenger NX207V, it became the Fairchild KR-21A after being re-engined, and subsequently was reregistered as NC207V. Presently it is registered to Patrick McNerney of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Created May 31, 2010