No. 9954. Sopwith Dove (G-EAGA c/n 3004/1)
Photographed by Bob Banka

Sopwith Dove

08/31/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Dove was a two-seat sport version of the Sopwith Pup, with shorter and slightly swept-back wings, and an 80 hp Le Rhône rotary engine. In 1919-1920 the Sopwith Aviation and Engineering Co. Ltd. at Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, UK, built ten aircraft:

C/n W/O 2714. Initially registered to Sopwith as K-122, this prototype had a fin and rudder from a Sopwith Camel; reregistered G-EACM on May 20, 1919; sold to Bishop-Barker Aeroplanes Ltd. of Canada, in May 1920, registered as G-CAAY; written off at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in 1920.

C/n W/O 2769/1. Initially registered to Sopwith as K-133, reregistered G-EACU on May 24, 1919, sold to Major Olaf Enderlein of Sweden, January 12, 1923, registered S-AFAA on May 5, 1923; registration was cancelled July 18, 1928.

C/n W/O 2769/2. Initially registered to Sopwith as K-148, reregistered G-EAFI on June 19, 1919; sold to Norway in July 1921, where it flew unregistered; registered in Sweden as S-AYAA to Oscar Bladh of Bromsten on August 5, 1924; registration was cancelled on December 31, 1926.

C/n W/O 3004/1. Initially registered to Sopwith as K-157, reregistered G-EAGA on July 3, 1919; sold to Australia in September 1919.

C/n W/O 3004/2. Initially registered to Sopwith as K-168, reregistered G-EAHP on July 22, 1919; sold to Larkin-Sopwith Aviation Co. of Australasia Ltd. (L-SACA) at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in September 1919.

C/n W/O 3004/3. Registered to Sopwith as G-EAJI on August 7, 1919; sold to L-SACA in August 1920, registered as G-AUDN on June 28, 1921, reregistered VH-UDN in the new registry on March 28, 1929; struck from the register on March 16, 1934, following a forced landing near Goulburn, New South Wales on February 27.

C/n W/O 3004/4. Registered to Sopwith as G-EAJJ on August 7, 1919; sold to L-SACA in March, 1920, registered as G-AUJJ; struck from register on June 27, 1925.

C/n W/O 3004/5. Registered to Sopwith as G-EAKH on August 14, 1919; sold to L-SACA in March, 1920, registered as G-AUKH on June 28, 1921; withdrawn from use June 18, 1925.

C/n W/O 3004/6. Registered to Sopwith as G-EAKT on August 19, 1919; sold to A.L. Long of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in March 1920, reportedly registration G-AUDP was reserved, however not taken up, as aircraft crashed before being registered.

C/n W/O 3004/14. Registered to Sopwith as G-EBKY in 1919; fitted with horn balanced rudder in 1925; owned by D.L. Hollis Williams until 1930; sold to C.H. Lowe-Wylde at West Malling, England (founder of the British Aircraft Company at Maidstone), abandoned in 1933; converted to a single-seat Sopwith Pup by Richard O. Shuttleworth in 1938.

The pictured aircraft is a replica produced by Skysport Engineering of Thorncote Green, Bedfordshire, UK in 1993, initially registered G-BLOO, reregistered G-EAGA on July 12, 1993."

Created August 31, 2010