No. 11458. Dornier 228-200 (D-ICDO c/n 4359)
Photographed at Dornier Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 21, 2012, by Detlef Billig

Dornier 228-200

07/31/2012. The Dornier 228 series had two prototypes, the 228-100 with c/n 4358, registered D-IFNS (site files) and first flown on March 28, 1981, followed two months later by the 228-200 with c/n 4359, registered D-ICDO, on May 9 (additional site files photos 1 2). Both first flights were performed from Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany by Dornier chief test pilot Dieter Thomas, and Dieter Beckmann, Dornier 228 project pilot. Until 1999 Dornier produced over 200 examples.

Presently the rights for the type are with the Swiss RUAG group, and since 2010 an updated version, the 228NG, is assembled by RUAG Aviation at the former Dornier facility at Oberpfaffenhofen, using fuselages, wings and tail units manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Kanpur (India).

Created July 31, 2012