No. 8687. Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ X Mk.2 (OY-AOL c/n 205)
Photographed at Flensburg-Schaferhaus, Germany, by Detlef Billig, August 27, 2006

Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ X Mk.2

02/28/2009. The last type in the Kramme & Zeuthen series of aircraft, the two-seat aircraft was designed as an observation aircraft. Featuring a clear view cabin with a backseat that could rotate 180 degrees, the pictured prototype was first flown on September 29, 1951, initially registered OY-ACL, later

It was followed by twelve production aircraft produced in 1952/1953, powered by the 145 hp Continental C-145 engine. After three crashes the type was withdrawn from service in 1955, and despite investigations (conducted at REA Farnborough, UK) cleared the type from faults, the 9 remaining production aircraft were subsequently scrapped.

The prototype survived scrapping as it was company owned, modified to an Mk.2 (with a steel tube tail plane replacing the original wood), it flew till the CofA expired in 1978. After a restoration of sixteen years the aircraft flew again on October 18, 1994.

Created February 28, 2009