No. 9559. Mikoyan MiG-21bis (MG-138 c/n N75084608) "Fishbed-N" Finnish Air Force
Photographed at Kuopio-Rissala AFB, Finland, March 7, 1998, by Detlef Billig

Mikoyan MiG-21bis

12/31/2009. The Finnish AF operated several versions of the MiG-21, the single-seat MiG-21F-13 had been delivered in 1963, followed by the MiG-21U-400 two-seat trainer in 1965. The MiG-21F-13 was replaced by the MiG-21bis in 1978, while three years later the MiG-21UM was bought to replace the MiG-21U-400. With the arrival of the F/A-18C Hornet as a replacement, the remaining MiGs were officially withdrawn from use on March 6, 1998.

The following day by a farewell party was held at Kuopio-Rissala air base, also attended by a number of other aircraft, including Mongol, Redigo, Learjet, and Chieftain. MG-138 is preserved at the Central Finland Aviation Museum/Air Force Museum at Tikkakoski.

Created December 31, 2009