No. 9563. Gates Learjet 35A (LJ-1 c/n 35A-430) Finnish Air Force
Photographed at Kuopio-Rissala AFB, Finland, March 7, 1998, by Detlef Billig

Gates Learjet 35A

12/31/2009. In December 1980, the Finnish AF ordered three "special mission" Learjet 35As. The Learjet 35A were equipped to carry out several specialist roles: target towing, sea patrol, mapping, oblique photography, air pollution control, air ambulance and rescue. The principal role of the 35A was target-towing.

Both banner and "hard" targets could be streamed from under wing hard points. For sea patrol the aircraft had a Litton APS-504 surveillance radar mounted in a belly pod for 360 sweep, and a door-mounted camera. Other equipment fits available for different roles included:

Created December 31, 2009