No. 9985. Mil Mi-28N ("41" c/n 111747320) "Havoc" Russian Air Force
Photographed at MAKS, Zhukovsky, Moscow, Russia, August 19, 2009, by Detlef Bilig

Mil Mi-28N

08/31/2010. Discussed from 1972, the preliminary concept of the Mi-28 attack helicopter concept was chosen in 1977, while design began 1980, led by Aleksei Ivanov. The prototype Mi-28 (NATO code name Havoc) first flew November 10, 1982, followed by a second in 1983, but after trials the Soviet AF chose the Kamov Ka-50 for the anti-tank role.

The upgraded Mi-28A appeared in 1988, featuring more powerful engines and a new tail-rotor configuration. The Mi-28A was discontinued in 1993 because it lacked all-weather capability.

The Mi-28N 'Night Havoc' first flew in November 1996 and retains most of the structural design of the Mi-28. The main difference is the installation of an integrated electronic combat system. Other modifications include the main gearbox for transmitting higher power to the rotor; new design of high efficiency blades with sweptback blade tips; an engine fuel injection control system for high power operating modes.

The first series Mi-28N flew in 2005 and went into service the following year. Reportedly by 2015 the Russian AF will operate between 47 and 67 units.

Created August 31, 2010