No. 10897. Brochet MB 50 Pipistrelle (F-PEAD c/n 01)
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Brochet MB 50 Pipistrelle

05/15/2013. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "This design of Maurice Brochet (Constructions Aéronautiques Maurice Brochet, Neauphle-le-Château, France) was of wooden construction with fabric covering. Initially fitted with a 25 hp Poinsard engine, the pictured prototype first flew on April 27, 1947, registered as F-WEAD, after receiving its CofA it was reregistered F-PEAD. In late 1947 and February 1948 it was twice re-engined, with respectively a 27 hp Sarolea engine and a 45 hp Salmson 9AD radial engine.

Intended for amateur construction, the MB 50 could be fitted with a wide range of engines, including the 27 hp Aubier Dunne, 27 hp Sarolea, 40 hp Praga D, 45 hp Beaussier 4B-02, 45 hp Salmson 9ADb, 45 hp Train 4A, and 45 hp Zlin Persey. At least seven more MB 50s were produced by amateurs, the first was F-WFAL. One modified, aircraft, built by Andre Beaussier, was designated MB 501, fitted with a Beaussier 4B-01 engine, it was flown around 1951.

Read also the remarks in photo 9996."

Created October 31, 2011