No. 9594. Brochet MB 50 Pipistrelle (F-WFAL c/n 02)
Photographed at Talmont Aérodrome, Les Sables d'Olonne, France, September 1949

Brochet MB 50 Pipistrelle

12/31/2009. After the prototype, the first amateur-built MB 50 is pictured above, with contributor Pierre Bregerie in the cockpit. The aircraft was constructed by André Rochier and Lucien Bregerie, Pierre's father, and fitted with 40-50 hp Train four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine, previously used on the Potez-CAMS 160 flying boat (first flown June 20, 1938).

It was first flown in 1948, registered F-WFAL, being reregistered F-PFAL after receiving its CofA. In 1967 it was sold to the UK where it was registered as
G-AVKB on April 17, and ca. 1977 the aircraft was re-engined with a 65 hp Walter Mikron III four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine. After having been flown in the UK for 42 year by ten successive owners it was deregistered on February 24, 2009.

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Created December 31, 2009