No. 9409. Potez 25 A2 (c/n 1815) French Air Force
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Potez 25 A2

11/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Potez 25 A2 observation aeroplane was a tractor biplane characterized by a very large top wing and a small bottom wing, thus affording the occupants a maximum of vision. The wings had a framing of timber and plywood; the cabane struts and the interplane struts were faired steel tubes. The fuselage comprised an interchangeable engine mounting section of riveted-sheet duralumin, a central fuselage section of spruce with plywood covering, and a rear fuselage section of spruce with wire bracing and fabric covering.

The interchangeable engine mounting took any powerplant between 400 and 520 hp, and the Potez 25 A2 has been fitted with several engines, including 450 hp Lorraine-Dietrich, 420 hp Gnome-Rhone Jupiter, 450 hp Hispano-Suiza, 480 hp Renault, 500 hp Farman, and 520 hp Salmson.

The Potez 25 A.2 was normally armed with four machine guns, one firing through the propeller, two on a gun ring, and one firing through the floor towards the tail. According to the type of bomb rack employed, the machine could carry either twelve 22 lb (10 kg) bombs inside the fuselage or else sixteen or twenty-four 22 lb (10 kg) bombs on the lower wings.

When used for distant reconnaissance work, the bomb load was eliminated, but an additional machine gun was mounted in synchronization with the engine and the ammunition supply of all the guns was doubled.

Specifications with the 450 h.p. Lorraine-Dietrich engine:

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