No. 9412. Potez 600 Sauterelle (Grasshopper)
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Potez 600 Sauterelle (Grasshopper)

11/30/2009. The Potez 600 is designated by other sources as Potez 60, P.600 or Po.600, however, on the tail of the pictured prototype it reads "Potez 600 Nš1". (Nš1 indicating the first produced, not the construction number.)

The little two-seat open-cockpit parasol-wing light tourer and trainer was built under the Government subsidy scheme for producing a very light and inexpensive machines. As seen on other Potez designs, a stub is extending from the bottom longerons to which the undercarriage is attached and in this case the stub is faired so that it forms a diminutive lower plane.

Powered by a 60 hp Potez 3B three-cylinder radial engine the prototype (most likely c/n 3719, retrospectively registered F-ANPS, December 18, 1935), was flown for the first time in August 1934, followed by a second aircraft, c/n 3728, registered F-ANOX on March 14, 1935.

From March 1935 to May 1937, a further 150 production aircraft were built and initially registered to: Aero Clubs (76), individuals (37), French Air Ministry (21, subsequently loaned to Aero Clubs), and 16 to Potez (most of them went to Aero Clubs as well).

Only three are still registered, in France F-PRYP (reconstructed 1996 with a 90 hp Continental engine), and F-PTEZ, and in Switzerland HB-SPM.

Created November 30, 2009