No. 6042. Potez 600 Sauterelle (Grasshopper) (HB-SPM c/n 3998)
Photographed at Abington, UK, by P. March, via J. Boerman

Potez 600 Sauterelle (Grasshopper)

12/22/2006. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "This aircraft was the 95th production Potez 600, and on December 20, 1935 it was registered F-AOET to Aero Club du Limousin at Limoges. Later reregistered F-PIIN, it was imported to Switzerland in 1969 and registered HB-SPM.

In 1975 the aircraft was damaged twice and sat unattended and deteriorating for several years. Guido Hug acquired the aircraft in 1985 and finished its restoration in 2002. Here it is seen taxiing in after a two-day flight from Switzerland." View also photo 9412.

Created December 22, 2006