No. 9600. Potez 62.0 (F-ANPH c/n 3845.2) Air France "Cormoran"
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Potez 62.0

12/31/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "When founded in September 1933, Air France was equipped with a heterogeneous and largely obsolete aircraft fleet. The urgent need for a medium-range airliner led Henry Potez to develop a civil version of the Potez 540 bomber/reconnaissance-series. Construction of the prototype started on December 1, 1934 and on January 28, 1935 it was flown from Méaulte. Gaining its CofA on April 5, the aircraft was registered F-ANPG on April 10, 1935 and baptized Albatros it entered service on the Air France Paris-Marseilles-Rome route in early June.

Using the wings and empennage of the 540-series, the 62.0 was equipped with a new fuselage, containing sixteen armchairs divided over two spacious air-conditioned sound-proof cabins. Two 870 hp Gnome-Rhone 14 Kirs 1/Kjrs 1 Mistrals Major radial engines were fitted, while the following twelve production aircraft were fitted with 900 hp Gnome-Rhone 14 NR 16/17 radial engines. Eleven aircraft went to Air France while one (F-AOTZ) fitted with a special interior, including work tables and armchair-berths, was used as an executive transport by the Ministry of Air.

The pictured aircraft was the first 62.0 production example and was registered to Air France on July 1, 1935, but was destroyed near Angers on December 10, 1935. In 1936 Air France ordered a second batch of ten aircraft, these were fitted with 720 hp Hispano-Suiza 12 Xbrs 1 /Xgrs 1 twelve-cylinder liquid-cooled V-engines and were designated 62.1, while three 62.0s were re-engined to 62.1s."

Created December 31, 2009