No. 8706. Nicholas-Beazley NB-8G (NC543Y c/n K-8)
Photographed at Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum, Creve Coeur Airport, Maryland Heights, St Louis, Missouri, USA, September 20, 2008, by Bill Coffman

Nicholas-Beazley NB-8G

03/31/2009. The Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co. of Marshall, Missouri produced this NB-8 in 1931. The type was designed by Tom Kirkup as a fully aerobatic, canopied side-by-side two-seater. Initially a 36 hp Aeronca two-cylinder engine powered the aircraft, subsequently a 45 hp Szekely engine was fitted, while the final choice was an 80 hp Armstrong Siddeley Genet Mk.II. A total of 58 aircraft of the type were produced: 1 NB-8, 54 NB-8G's, 1 NG-8G, and 2 NM-8G's, as shown below.

Registr.     Type        c/n
NC436V     NB-8       K-1
NC502Y     NB-8G    K-2
NC517Y     NM-8G    K-3
NC525Y     NB-8G    K-4
NC524Y     NB-8G    K-5
NC541Y     NB-8G    K-6
NC542Y     NB-8G    K-7
NC543Y     NB-8G    K-8
NC544Y     NB-8G    K-9
NC545Y     NB-8G    K-10
NC558Y     NB-8G    K-11
NC559Y     NB-8G    K-12
NC560Y     NB-8G    K-13
NC561Y     NB-8G    K-14
NC562Y     NB-8G    K-15
NC574Y     NB-8G    K-16
NC575Y     NB-8G    K-17
NC576Y     NB-8G    K-18
NC577Y     NB-8G    K-19
NC578Y     NB-8G    K-20
NC580Y     NB-8G    K-21
NC581Y     NB-8G    K-22
NC582Y     NB-8G    K-23
NC583Y     NB-8G    K-24
NC584Y     NB-8G    K-25
NC11063    NB-8G    K-26
NC11064    NB-8G    K-27
NC11065    NB-8G    K-28
NC11066    NB-8G    K-29
NC11067    NB-8G    K-30
NC11071    NB-8G    K-31
NC11072    NB-8G    K-32
NC11073    NB-8G    K-33
NC11074    NB-8G    K-34
NC11075    NB-8G    K-35
NC11087    NB-8G    K-36
NC11088    NB-8G    K-37
NC11089    NB-8G    K-38
NC11090    NB-8G    K-39
NC11091    NG-8G    K-40
NC11095    NB-8G    K-41
NC11096    NB-8G    K-42
NC11097    NB-8G    K-43
NC11098    NB-8G    K-44
NC11099    NB-8G    K-45
NC12505    NB-8G    K-46
NC12506    NB-8G    K-47
NC12507    NB-8G    K-48
NC12508    NB-8G    K-49
NC12509    NB-8G    K-50
NC12510    NB-8G    K-51
NC12514    NB-8G    K-52
NC12515    NB-8G    K-53
NC12516    NB-8G    K-54
NC12517    NB-8G    K-55
NC12518    NM-8G    K-56
NC12527    NB-8G    K-57
NC15498    NB-8G    K-58

Created March 31, 2009