No. 10454. Auster J/1 Autocrat (PH-OTO c/n 1957) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
                   Lockheed L-1049E Super Constellation (PH-LKR c/n 1049C-4502) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines "Electron"
Photograph from KLM, taken 1954

Auster Autocrat & Lockheed Super Constellation

02/28/2011. Remarks by Alfred Damen: "The Autocrat was produced in 1946, and a special hatch for cameras was fitted in the fuselage floor, as visible in this photo. Its British CofA was requested on January 16, and the CofA Nr. 7546 was issued to KLM on April 2. The Autocrat was used for aerial photography and cartography, as indicated by the nose title AEROFOTO and its registration PH-OTO which was issued on April 18, 1946. On August 30, 1954 it was reregistered to a special branch, KLM Aerocarto. After eighteen years of service with KLM/KLM Aerocarto the Auster was withdrawn from use in 1964.

It was acquired by J. Daams of Loosdrecht on October 16, 1964, and based on Hilversum airfield. Subsequently the aircraft had various private owners until it was removed from the Dutch register on December 1, 1969. On December 11 it was registered as G-AXUJ to Richard Earp of Paston, Peterborough, UK, and since has been reregistered six times to successive owners, although it had a different registration, G-OSTA, between July 22, 1999 and March 4, 2004. Presently G-AXUJ is still attending air shows and meetings.

Of the 22 Super Constellations KLM bought, nine were of the Model 1049C-55, they had allotted the registrations PH-TFP and PH-TFR to PH-TFY (c/n 1049C-4501 to 1049C-4509). These were all delivered in 1953, the following years they were modified to the Model 1049E, with higher takeoff weight, and the registrations were changed to PH-LKP and PH-LKR to PH-LKY.

The pictured Super Connie (as the type was commonly known) was delivered on June 10, 1953, as PH-TFR and named Electron, and it was extensively used on the North Atlantic and far-East (New-Guinea) routes. After modification to an 1049E it was reregistered as PH-LKR on February 24, 1954. The aircraft was withdrawn from use during 1962, the registration was removed from the Dutch register on June 24, 1963, the aircraft was broken up at Amsterdam Schiphol airport during 1964/65."

Created February 28, 2011