No. 3946. Curtiss CW-20T Super 46C (LV-FTX c/n 26683) Austral
Photographed at Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1964

Curtiss CW-20T Super 46C

08/31/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "Built as a Model CW-20B C-46A-30-CU, USAAF s/n 41-24762, and delivered to the USAAF on November 11, 1943. On December 6, the aircraft was transferred to the US Navy as R5C-1 BuNo. 39516 and assigned to the US Marine Corps. By August 1944, the aircraft was assigned to Marine Transport Squadron Nine Hundred Fifty Two (VMR-952) and based on Emirau Island, Bismarck Archipelago.

By December 1944, the squadron had moved to Guam, Mariana Islands where it was on VJ Day. The aircraft served with numerous squadrons until sold to L.B. Smith Aircraft Co. in June 1958 and registered N4090A. This company specialized in converting C-46s and this one was converted to a Model CW-20T Super 46C. The conversion consisted of about 30 airframe and engine improvements the most important being the improvement in engine cooling.

In December 1958, it was sold to Transcontinental SA (TSA) of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and registered LV-PLX; it was re-registered LV-FTX on January 13, 1959. TSA purchased 16 CW-20Ts and used them on flights from Buenos Aires to seashore resorts. The aircraft was leased to Austral - Compania Argentina de Transportes Aeros Saci of Buenos Aires on December 22, 1961 and sold to Bolivia's Transporte Aéreo Militar (TAM), the civilian wing of the Bolivian Air Force, in 1964 and registered TAM-60.

On February 17, 1971, this aircraft was on a flight from La Paz to San Borja when it struck Cunatincuta Mountain, 13 minutes after take-off. All eight passengers and four crew were killed."

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Created February 12, 2005