No. 3948. Gloster G.41F Meteor F.Mk.4 (C-005, C-020) Argentine Air Force
Photographed at Moron AFB, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1963, by Alfred Damen

Gloster G.41F Meteor F.Mk.4

02/12/2005. Remarks by Alfred Damen: "This machine, shown in new colours, is actually the ex RAF RA390, supplied to Argentina under export registration G-5-105 and accepted by the Argentine Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Argentina, FAA) on March 3, 1948.

This particular airplane seems to have been a bit "error-prone" because only 9 days after it was accepted by the FAA it was involved in a complicated accident at Tandil AFB which kept it out of the air for 3 years! The next accident came at Rafael Castillo on October 14 1958 and soon afterwards another accident occurred on March 20, 1959 at Mar del Plata. Despite these accidents, C-005 was one of the five Meteors that made the "farewell" flight over Buenos Aires in December 1970. The airframe was struck off charge December 30, 1970.

C-020 is shown here in the new ground attack colour scheme. This machine is the ex RAF EE546, supplied to Argentina with export registration G-5-120. It was accepted by the FAA on October 2, 1948, suffered one accident (January 19, 1961 at Moron AFB) and was struck off charge on May 12, 1970.

This other photograph is showing several Meteor Mk.IV's undergoing a major overhaul and being re-sprayed in the new camouflage scheme. No serials are visible on the airframes in the center of the photograph, but the one at the bottom show C-062 on the right wing. This is the ex G-5-162, built specifically for the FAA and accepted by them on December 12, 1948. C-062 is somewhat of a mystery in this picture because it was involved in an accident in 1961 and seems to have been struck off charge in that year. The only explanation I can suggest is that it is in the process of being "cannibalized" of it's spare parts to keep the other Meteors flying.

The Argentine Meteor history is a nice tale. Read about it."

Created February 12, 2005