No. 9101. Aero Ae-10 (Ae-10.21 c/n 21) Czechoslovakian Army Air Corps
Photographed at Letecké Muzeum, Kbely, Prague, Czech Republic, May 5, 2009, by Claudio Delfini

Aero Ae-10

07/31/2009. The Letecké Muzeum (Air Museum), part of the Vojenský Historický Ústav Praha (Military History Institute Prague), is based at the former AF Base Kbely.

Designed to meet a Czechoslovakian AAC specification, the Ae-10 two-seat trainer was derived from the Hansa-Brandenburg B.I, which had been built under license during WW I. 35 aircraft were ordered, the pictured 21st production aircraft survived and was restored in 1983.

Created July 31, 2009