No. 9105. Ilyushin Il-28RTR (6926 c/n 56926) "Beagle" Czechoslovakian Air Force
Photographed at Letecké Muzeum, Kbely, Prague, Czech Republic, May 5, 2009, by Claudio Delfini

Ilyushin Il-28RTR

07/31/2009. Over 1,000 Il-28 bombers were exported to 21 countries, including this one to Czechoslovakia in July 1955. The aircraft was assigned the military designation B-228 (later changed to Il-2B) and the nose code BA-11. Subsequently it was converted to the electronic reconnaissance version, designated Il-28RTR. Coded BA-51 it served with the 47th reconnaissance air regiment till it was decommissioned in September 1969 and transferred to the museum.

Created July 31, 2009