No. 12959. Nord 1500 Noreclair French Navy
Photograph from Musée de l'Air

Nord 1500 Noreclair

06/05/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Nord 1500 Noréclair was developed to specifications of the French Navy for a carrier based torpedo-bomber. The sole example made its first flight on August 29, 1947.

WINGS. Cantilever shoulder-wing monoplane. All-metal single-spar structure with gull-wing center-section, and stressed metal skin. Outer wing sections folded rearwards about spar; hydraulic operation. All-metal ailerons with trim-tab in each on outer wings, and slotted trailing-edge flaps between ailerons and fuselage divided by nacelles.
FUSELAGE. All-metal monocoque structure.
TAIL UNIT. Cantilever monoplane type. Metal structure with metal-covered fin and tailplane and fabric-covered rudder and elevators. Statically-balanced control surfaces with trim-tab in each.
LANDING GEAR. Retractable two-wheel type. Main wheels 46.46x16.73 in (1,180x425 mm) carried on shock-absorber legs retracted rearwards into engine nacelles and were fully enclosed. Hydraulic operation. Track 17 ft 6.5 in (5.35 m). Tail-wheel 22.05x9.29 in (560x236 mm) retracted rearwards into fuselage.
POWERPLANT. Two Gnome-Rhone 14 R25 fourteen-cylinder two-row air-cooled radial engines each developing a maximum output of 1,600 hp at 2,600 rpm for take-off, enclosed in tapered long-chord cowling and driving Ratier three-blade variable-pitch airscrew, 1l ft 9.5 in (3.60 m) diameter.
ACCOMMODIATON. Crew of three. Pilot's cockpit forward and enclosed dorsal position for gunner.
ARMAMENT. Twin machine-guns in rear cockpit. Fuselage bomb-bay accommodated bombs or torpedoes.

Created June 6, 2016