No. 6188. Aichi AM-17 D3A1 (CF-TZT c/n 3179) "Val"
Photographed at Carmen, Manitoba, Canada, July 1970, by Bill Ewing

Aichi AM-17 D3A1

02/28/2007. Remarks by Bill Ewing: "Bob Diemert recovered the remains of this aircraft from the island of Ballale in the South Pacific. He had seen some strike photos showing a lot of damaged Japanese aircraft and so he went there with a crew and brought a lot of wreckage out of the jungle to Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea by barge. From there the collection of parts was airlifted to Canada.

He rebuilt this and other aircraft in Carmen, Manitoba. For lack of the original engine Bob used a Wright Cyclone 'power egg' from a B-25 Mitchell bomber. A few photos taken in the final stages of the restoration show the aircraft being towed (without the foldable outer wing panels), during the first engine start-up, and eventual ready for its second maiden flight.

Eventually Bob donated the aircraft to the Canada National Aircraft Collection. The aircraft was transferred to the Planes of Fame Museum at Chino, California, USA and re-registered N3131G and is presently under restoration."

Created February 28, 2007