No. 11012. Goodyear G-1 (NC12A) "Defender"
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Goodyear NC-12A

11/30/2011. This airship had been built in 1929, it was registered NC12A and named Defender in Goodyear's famous advertising fleet. With a length of 184 ft (56.08 m), diameter of 45 ft (13.72 ), and volume of 178,000 cu.ft (5,040 cu.m), it had accommodation for eight passengers and crew. Original power plants were two pusher Wright J-6-5s of 165 hp, later replaced by 225 hp
J-6-7s, and it had a cruising speed 62 mph (100 kmh) and range 1,175 mls (1,891 km). It was delivered to the USN in 1935 with BuNo. 9999.

Created November 30, 2011