No. 10141. PZL Mielec M-28-05 Skytruck (SN-6OYG c/n AJE003-11) Polish Border Guard
Photographed at Northolt, UK, June 8, 2008, by Robert Hodgson

PZL Mielec M-28-05 Skytruck

10/31/2010. Pictured at the 2008 RAF Northolt Charity Photocall, this Polish Border Guard Skytruck was accompanied by two other M-28 versions. The Polish AF brought an M-28TD Bryza (s/n 0211 c/n AJG002-11) while the Polish Navy presented an M-28B Bryza-1R (s/n 1114 c/n AJG001-05).

Created October 31, 2010