No. 10148. Vinten V-122 Libelle (G-55-2)
Photographed at the museum 'Flugausstellung L.+P. Junior', Hermeskeil, Germany, July 23, 2008, by Robert Hodgson

Vinten V-122 Libelle

10/31/2010. In March 1981 a collaborative agreement was reached between the Military Division of W. Vinten Ltd. at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK, and Wallis Autogyros Ltd. at Reymerston Hall, Norfolk, permitting Vinten to manufacture autogiros to Wallis designs for various military and commercial purposes, this as Wallis Autogyros did not engage in production for public sale, it produced aircraft only for operation within the company.

In September 1985 two aircraft were ordered by the West German government for trials with the West German army. Based on the Wallis WA-122/R-R and initially known as Venom Mk.2s, two autogiros were completed as V-122 Libelle and flown in January 1986 at Shipdham, Norfolk.

Created October 31, 2010