No. 12259. Epic Aircraft LT (N410LT c/n 035)
Photographed at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, July 28, 2013, by Robert Hodgson

Epic Aircraft LT

02/28/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Epic LT was an all new design of Rick Schrameck of Aircraft Invest Resources (AIR) and it was built by its subsidiary Epic AIR (later doing business as Epic LT Kits) at Bend, Oregon, USA. The construction of the first prototype Epic LT started in 2003 and registered N370JP (c/n 001) this aircraft made its maiden flight on July 17, 2004. It was fitted with an 1,200 hp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A turboprop engine. The Epic LT had a largely composite material construction (carbon fiber) and it was developed more or less in parallel with the very similar Farnborough F1 Kestrel.

The Epic LT was the pressurized six-seat factory-built baseline version. It had a slight shorter cabin and lacked the built-in toilet, while the Walter (Motorlet) M601E turboprop was available as alternative (cheaper) power plant. The first Epic LT was delivered in 2005 and the initial aircraft were built in the experimental category (in kit form) and some six were already flying late-2006.

The first example of a planned certified development, named Dynasty, was first flown during 2006 and had been modified from an Epic LT airframe. Registered in Canada as C-FJRQ (c/n 014), it was intended to compete in the so called VLJ (Very Light Jet) class and initially certification (in Canada) was aimed for late-2008. However, no production aircraft were built and certification was never attained, the prototype was transferred to the FAA register in 2007 as N6XK and classified as an amateur-built Epic LT.

Late-2005 it was decided to establish production of the Epic LT (and the planned certified Dynasty version) in Calgary, Canada. However, the company decided (late-2008) to go for US certification but all these plans faltered when Epic AIR entered Chapter 11 mid-September 2009. In April 2010 a deal was made between LT Builders Group and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd. and the factory was re-opened to allow completion of some eleven airframes (kits) which were under construction.

Finally the company assets were early-2012 acquired by the Russian company Engineering LLC and the company was renamed Epic Aircraft. In August 2013 plans were announced for a certificated version of the Epic LT by mid-2015, known as the Epic E1000. Compared to the earlier Dynasty project, the Epic E1000 features a new designed electrical system, a glass cockpit with large Multi Function Displays, aerodynamic refinements and the type is to be certified for ceilings up to 34,000 ft (10,363 m). A prototype is planned to fly during the Spring of 2014, while three Epic LT aircraft are used in the certification program.

Presently 49 Epic LTs are listed in the FAA register, with at least forty completed, all kit built and all powered by a PT6A-67A. The pictured N410LT was registered on November 17, 2010 to the Alfheim III, LLC at Menomonee, Wisconsin. It was built by the company owner Rolf Berg and it received its CofA on July 19, 2011."

Created February 28, 2014