No. 12531. Team Tango Tango II (N923DT c/n 023)
Photographed at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, July 29, 2013, by Robert Hodgson

Team Tango Tango II

08/31/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Tango homebuilt aircraft was derived from the TC-2 by Aero Mirage, Inc., but differed in several major aspects. The retractable undercarriage of the TC-2 was replaced by a fixed tricycle type and internal cockpit space was increased. The prototype aircraft (N772T and named Tango) was first flown during November 1996 and it had an 180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine. This aircraft was used to verify the overall concept. The Tango was marketed, from 1997 onwards, via DFL Holdings, Inc for amateur construction. Later the marketing was transferred to the Team Tango company.

The improved production (kit) version was named Tango II and was faster and easier to build and was in 1999, initially by DFL Holdings, Inc. and later via Team Tango, this company having continued the development and marketing of the design. The Tango II could accept engines in the 180-200 hp range, with a Lycoming O-360 as recommended power plant. The first kit built Tango II (N23WE) was built by William N. Wheeler and this aircraft served more or less as prototype and development aircraft for the homebuilt (kit) version. Another variant was launched in 2007 as Tango XR with an increased fuel capacity for more range (over 2,000 mls, 3,218 km) and also offered higher operating weights. Like the Tango II it was recommended for 150-200 hp engines. The Foxtrot 4 was a larger four-seat derivative of the Tango II.

By early-2014 at least 21 had been built, including N923DT. Registered on July 16, 2007, it was built by Arthur A. Duvall of Whitehouse, Ohio, USA and completed on the brink of 2008, it received its CofA on January 22, 2008."

Created August 31, 2014