No. 7078. Douglas DC-4 C-54A (42-107443 c/n 7462) US Army Air Forces
Photographed at Essendon Airfield, Victoria, Australia, December 9, 1944, from Melbourne Argus
Hopton No. p1789-0142

Douglas DC-4 C-54A

03/31/2011. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This DC-4 was delivered to the USAAF as a C-54A-1-DO, s/n 42-107433 on January 21, 1944. It was declared surplus and sold to the US company South American Trading Corp. in 1946 and they sold it to the Argentine airline FAMA (Flota Aérea Mercante Argentina) of Buenos Aires in 1946 and it was registered LV-ABM.

On August 8, 1950, it was sold to Faucett Perú (Compañia de Aviacion Faucett) of Lima, Peru and registered OB-PBB-247. It was re-registered
OB-R-247 in 1964. While flying a domestic scheduled passenger flight on December 30, 1976, the aircraft crashed 7 minutes after take-off from Trujillo Airport, Trujillo, Peru. All five crew and 19 passengers were killed."

Created November 30, 2007