No. 7079. Douglas DC-3A-456 C-47A Dakota (N2-43 c/n 12542) Royal Australian Navy
Photographed at Nowra, New South Wales, Australia, November 4, 1968, by John Hopton
Hopton No. p1789-0258

Douglas DC-3A-456 C-47A Dakota

11/30/2007. This aircraft was built for the USAAF as a DC-3A-456
C-47A-10-DK Skytrain, s/n 42-92711. It was transferred to the RAAF as a Dakota on March 19, 1944, serialed A65-43 (call-sign VHCUW). On February 1, 1949, it was transferred to the RAN, re-serialed N2-43 (call-sign VJORA).

It was converted to a flying classroom to train de Havilland Sea Venom and Fairey Gannet observers, therefore a Sea Venom radar was fitted in the peculiar nose and a Gannet radar was fitted in a retractable "dustbin" in the belly.

After withdrawal from service it was donated to the RAN FAA aircraft collection at HMAS Albatros, Nowra, New South Wales, in 1976. The collection was first known as the Heritage Trust of the Fleet Air Arm, than Australian Naval Aviation Museum, in 2001 it was named Australia’s Museum of Flight, and on September 1, 2006, The Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Created November 30, 2007