No. 12122. Ilmailuinsinöörien Kerho Viri (OH-IIK c/n 1)
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 888

Ilmailuinsinöörien Kerho Viri

10/31/2013. The Ilmailuinsinöörien Kerho (IIK, Aeronautical Engineers Club) funded the design of the Viri (Excitation) in 1933. Designers were Arvo Ylinen and Olavi Miekk'oja and the aircraft was built at the Veljekset Karhumäen factory at Keljossa, Jyväskylä.

Of wooden construction, the sports aircraft was plywood-covered, with exception of the fabric-covered wings and rudder. For storage the wings could be folded rearwards. Powerplant was an American 46 hp Szekely SR 3-0 three-cylinder radial engine.

Construction was completed on September 15, 1936, and Viri's first flight was made by Urho Heiskala on September 29, 1936. It was registered OH-IIK on May 12, 1937, however, within a year the aircraft was lost in a flying accident at Porthaniankatu on January 1, 1938. The pilot, Aarre ("Aaretti") Niemisen, escaped serious injuries.

Created October 31, 2013