No. 9436. Currie Wot (G-APWT c/n HAC.4)
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Currie Wot

11/30/2009. The Currie Wot was a pre-WW II single-seat fully-aerobatic ultra-light biplane design and at least 21 have been produced in the UK, most of them after the war. The pictured example was one of several built by members of the Hampshire Aeroplane Club at Eastleigh, UK. Registered as G-APWT, it was first flown in 1959, powered by a 65 hp Walter Mikron four-cylinder air-cooled engine, which gave it pretty hot performance, and hence it was called the "Hot Wot". Also in 1959 it was temporarily equipped with floats, in which form it was known as the "Wet Wot".

In 1960 this Currie Wot became the smallest turboprop-powered aircraft when it was experimentally fitted with a 60 shp Rover T.P.60 turboprop, designed for use in industrial applications and aircraft APUs (Vulcan B.2 and Argosy). By February 1, 1962 it had been re-engined with the original Walter Mikron engine, and was reregistered to a new owner. On July 8, 1975 it was deregistered in the UK, and two days later it was registered in the USA as N67247. In October 2008 the aircraft was flown again at Fayetteville, Georgia, after a lengthy restoration.

Created November 30, 2009