No. 11240. Sukhoi T-50 (c/n T-50-1) Russian Air Force
Photograph from Sukhoi, taken January 29, 2010

Sukhoi T-50

03/31/2012. First of four prototypes of the new Russian air-superiority fighter, pictured on its 47 minutes first flight (site files) from Komsomolsk-on-Amur Dzemgi Airport with Sergey Bogdan at the controls. Soon thereafter the aircraft was given a blue/white camouflage paint scheme, and it was coded '51 Blue'. The type is also referred to as the Sukhoi PAK FA (perspektivny aviatsionny kompleks frontovoy aviatsii, literally prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation, or future frontline aircraft system).

Created March 31, 2012