No. 11872. Thulin Type D (F1) Finnish Air Force
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Thulin Type D

03/31/2013. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The Morane-Saulnier Type L was license-built in Sweden by the Enoch Thulins Aeroplanfabrik AB at Landskrona as the Thulin Type D. However, it was not just a copy of the French original, but had several improvements, including the streamlining aft of the engine cowling, while the 95 hp Thulin A rotary engine was an improved version of the Le Rhône Type C-9.

The pictured aircraft was donated by the Swedish count von Rosen, who applied his arm of luck (a blue swastika) to the wings, which became the Finnish AF official insignia from March 1918 till September 1945. It arrived in Finland on March 6, 1918, and according Finnish historians, the Thulin Type D was the first military aircraft in the Finnish AF, and was allotted the serial F1.

The aircraft was usually flown by Swedish pilots and was mainly used for reconnaissance, dropping pamphlets, while the crew also dropped locally made bombs by hand. The F1 crashed on April 16, 1918 when a wing broke off during a flight. The (Swedish) pilot Karl Westman and (Finnish) mechanic Sigurd Nyland were killed, they were the first Finnish military aviation victims."

Created March 31, 2013