No. 5653. Bolkhovitinov BI-1 ("5") Soviet Air Force
Photographed ca. 1942

Bolkhovitinov BI-1

09/15/2006. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "This single-seat experimental aircraft was the world's first liquid-fuel rocket jet fighter aircraft designed by A. Y. Bereznyak, A. M. Isayev and V. F. Bolkhovitinov in 1941. Eight prototypes were built, the first unpowered flight with a Petleyakov Pe-2 as tug was made on September 10, 1941, with the first powered flight made by Bakhchivandzhi on May 15, 1942; the second prototype crashed in 1943. Photo depicts the fifth prototype with a 'belly pack' possibly with gun enclosed. A replica is kept at the Air Force Museum at Monino, Moscow."

Created September 15, 2006