No. 6218. Gloster G.41A Meteor F.Mk.I (EE227) Royal Air Force
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Gloster G.41A Meteor F.Mk.I

02/28/2007. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "This was the 18th production F.Mk.I that completed 80 hour of operational flying before it was assigned to the RAE for directional trials in 1944. In February is was delivered to Rolls-Royce to be fitted with two 1,230 shp RB.50 Trent turboprop engines driving Rotol five-bladed propellers of 7 ft 11 in (2.431 m) in diameter. Note the additional fins at the tailplane.

Piloted by Eric Greenwood the first flight in this configuration took place at Church Broughton on September 20, 1945, giving this modified Meteor the distinction of being the first turboprop powered aircraft in the world to fly. Development of the Trent engine was not contiued."

Created February 28, 2007