No. 8598. Stierlin RS-40 (X-HB-XVB c/n 3)
Photographed at Grenoble, France, 1960s, via A. Hausman, source unknown

Stierlin RS-40

01/31/2009. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "Robert Stierlin of Geneva-Cointrin, Switserland, stands proudly behind his homebuilt helicopter. Construction of the third powered helicopter built by Stierlin started in early 1962, after ca. 1,550 hours of construction it was flown in late 1964.

Powered by a 40 hp Johnson liquid-cooled outboard two-stroke engine, it was fitted with a modified Peugeot 404 car radiator and fan, Bell-type belt-driven main and tail rotor, and a plastic jerrican as fuel tank.

The registration was cancelled in 1969 and the helicopter is preserved in the Verkerhshaus der Schweiz (Museum of Transport and Communication) at Luzern."

Created January 31, 2009