No. 9692. Embraer EMB-314 A-29A Super Tucano (5702 c/n 31400005) Brazilian Air Force
                 Embraer EMB-314 A-29B Super Tucano (5902 c/n 31400003) Brazilian Air Force
Photograph from Embraer, taken January 16, 2006

Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano A-29B

01/31/2010. Derived from the EMB-312 Tucano, via the EMB-312H Super Tucano, the A-29A (background) is the single-seat ground-attack/coin version, while the A-29B (foreground) is the two-seat attack/trainer version, of which 25 and 51 respectively have been ordered by the Força Aérea Brasileira.

Both pictured aircraft were delivered in 2004, the A-29A is in service with 1°/3°GAv, the A-29B with 2°/3°GAv. Super Tucanos have also been ordered by Chile (12), Colombia (22), Dominican Republic (8), and Ecuador (24).

Created January 31, 2010