No. 10023. Denize R.D.205 Raid Driver (F-PZGZ c/n 02) "Le Petit Prince"
Photographed at Nevers, France, July 16, 2005, by Loet Kuipers

Denize R.D.205 Raid Driver

09/30/2010. Robert Denize Saint-Michel-sur-Orge, known for producing the Jodel D.112 in numbers, designed and built the prototype of a new aircraft developed from the Piel C.P.3 Emeraude. Designated the Denize R.D.105 the side-by-side two-seat light aircraft was of conventional low-wing monoplane configuration. The construction was entirely of wood, with fabric-covered plywood skin. It had a modified and stretched fuselage and more glass area in the cockpit.

Powerplant was a 100 hp Continental O-200-A four-cylinder, horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine. Temporarily registered F-WKXD (c/n 01), the aircraft first flew on March 30, 1963, and after it received its CofA it was reregistered F-PKXD on August 13, 1963, and is still registered to Denize as of this day. At least one more R.D.105 was built by George Calabrese of Roquevaire. Temporarily registered F-WRDU (c/n 24) it was first flown on May 28, 1991, and reregistered F-PRDU on July 29, 1991.

In the 1980s Denize developed the R.D.105 into the R.D.20 that was powered by an 150 hp Lycoming O-320 engine. The Aero Club Loudunais at Loudun constructed an R.D.20, reportedly with assistance from students of the Lycée professionnel (high school) Marc Godrie also at Loudun. With the temporarily registration F-WLPG (c/n 27) it first flew on July 3, 1989, it was reregistered F-PLPG on February 6, 1990. On June 1, 1994 the aircraft was sold to Robert Denize, who owned it till September 25, 2007. Since the aircraft has had three subsequent owners.

The pictured type is powered by an 105 hp Walter Minor M4-III, and was constructed by Jean-Marie Lafon of Châteauneuf-la-Forêt. The aircraft was first flown in 1991, also with a temporarily registration, F-WZGZ, that was changed to F-PZGZ on November 20, 1991. Reportedly there was also a Raid Driver built in Italy, registered I-VIDB, the type is unknown.

Created September 30, 2010