No. 11854. MVEN Sapsan
Photographed at MAKS, Zhukovsky, Moscow, Russia, August 18, 2011, by Loet Kuipers

MVEN Sapsan

03/31/2013. Remarks by Loet Kuipers: "This two-seat ultra-light aircraft was launched at MAKS, Moscow, August 2011. The program was acquired from AéroJames of France. Design began in 2001, when known as Isatis 01, and a partly complete prototype was first shown at Aero '03 in Friedrichshafen in 2003. The Isatis company was renamed AéroJames in May 2004. The Isatis 01 prototype (F-WPDG, later F-PPDG) first flew on February 24, 2005, however, attempts to begin production in France were unsuccessful. The 100 hp BMW engine is placed behind the cockpit in the fuselage with the transmission shaft between the two side-by-side seats."

Created March 31, 2013