No. 9917. Dornier S-Ray 007 (D-EDIP c/n 1)
Photographed at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, Berlin, Germany, May 30, 2008, by Loet Kuipers

Dornier S-Ray 007

06/30/2010. Iren Dornier, grandson of Claude Dornier, and his team at Dornier Technologie of Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Germany, created the Dornier S-Ray 007 (Stingray, the name originally planned, was protected). The concept came from the 1921 Dornier Do A Libelle flying boat, and was developed into an aesthetic two-seat multi-purpose amphibian.

Modern lightweight carbon and composite structure provide a comparatively high resistance against fatigue, assuring a well proportional payload and range, and terminate recent corrosion problems on aluminum structures. The partial free nose wheel reacts as a dampener on water collision in its retracted position. A water rudder assists to control and maneuvers the aircraft at slow speeds. The wing can be rotated 90°, parallel over the fuselage length axis, so the aircraft can be stored easily in confined spaces, and transported in a container or on a trailer.

The aircraft was registered as D-EDIP on July 7, 2007, and powered by a single 100 hp Rotax 912 four-cylinder liquid/air-cooled boxer-engine, the first flight was performed by former Dornier 328 test pilot Gerhard Thalhammer from Bodensee Airport, Friedrichshafen, on July 14. Only two days later it was air-freighted to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, for display at the EAA AirVenture. Reportedly five aircraft have been produced to date.

Created June 30, 2010