No. 9708. Beech D17S GB-2 Traveler US Navy
Photographed at NAS Pensacola, Warrington, Florida, USA, ca. 1942-45, by Keith F. Lawler

Beech D17S GB-2 Traveler

02/28/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The first example of the staggerwing Beech Model 17 to serve with the USN was purchased in 1937 and was a civil C17R with a Wright R-975-26 engine. Designated JB-1 (BuNo. 0801), it was delivered in June 1939 and flew as a staff transport for two years.

In 1939 the USN purchased its first GB-1s; these were Model D17S with 400 hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-48 radial engines. Ten (BuNo. 1589 to 1595, 1898 to 1900) were delivered, followed by eight impressed civil D17s similarly designated and a total of 342 GB-2s with 450 hp R-985-50 enginess; the latter model was procured both for the Navy and for Lend-Lease delivery to Britain."

Created February 28, 2010