No. 11703. Hinz BL1-KEA (D-EKEA c/n 1)
Photographed at the OUV Fly-in, Koblenz, Germany, 2000, by Thomas Dieter Ludwig

Hinz BL1-KEA

02/28/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg and Johan Visschedijk: "The original design BL1-KEA two-seater was largely of GFRP/PVC foam sandwich construction and it was designed and built by husband and wife Dr.-Ing. Bernard and Dipl.-Ing. Lucia Hinz, (hence the BL in the designation). After a construction period of some thirty months, the prototype aircraft first flew December 23, 1989 with a 94 hp Limbach L2400-DA1B engine, and it gained its type certificate on July 10, 1991.

The BL1-KEA was awarded best original design during the 1990 Fly-inn of the OUV (Oskar Ursinus Vereinigung, Oskar Ursinus Association, the German Counterpart of the EAA, PFA, etc.). The BL1-KEA remained a one-of-a-kind aircraft, and in 1992 the Hinz couple started on the design of the improved BL2-ARA.

Sadly the designer Bernhard Hinz died in a crash with his sailplane in the Swiss Alps in 2012."

Created December 31, 2012