No. 1838. Robin DR 400/120 Petit Prince (F-GBUM c/n 1365)
Photographed at Visan Aerodrome, France, by Claude Malet

Robin DR 400/120 Petit Prince

07/10/2003. Remarks by Claude Malet: "Powered by 120 hp Continental or Lycoming, four-seater successor of the Jodel, canvas-timber wings.

My favorite plane, Petit Prince (Little Prince) F-GBUM, is at the hospital. It was coming back from the big overhaul, new engine, new skin and paint. It was ok during ground test. The chief pilot took off for air trials, sudddenly, at 100 ft (30 m), power dropped to 600 rpm, crash landing avoiding trees. Lots of damage, nose wheel, engine frame pushed 7.87 in (20 cm) back in cell, wing not better...tough luck for the summer."

Created October 14, 2002