No. 10484. Gotha WD 2 German Navy
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Gotha WD 2

02/28/2011. For participation in the Warnemünde floatplane competition Gotha presented the WD 2, an attractive, single-engine biplane that was influenced by the WD 1 and which went into production as a two-seat reconnaissance aircraft. Of the total of 27 aircraft produced three were delivered to Turkey. For the ferry flight the two main and small tail floats were replaced by wheels.

The WD 2 was powered by an 150 hp Benz Bz III engine and had unequal span wings, the upper measuring 53 ft 10.85 in (16.43 m), the lower 51 ft 1 in (15.57 m), this was reduced to 51 ft 2.2 in (15.60 m) and 48 ft 10 in (14.90 m) respectively on the WD 2a. The three-bay construction was, however, maintained as well as the circular cutout in the center of the upper wing, where a 0.311 in (7.9 mm) machinegun was fitted on a flexible mount.

Created February 28, 2011