No. 12075. Kondor Taube II
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Kondor Taube II

09/30/2013. The Kondor Taube resembled other monoplanes of this type in the shape of its wings and their bracing, but an attempt was made to provide a better streamline fuselage. This member in the Kondor Taube was of circular section, with openings cut out of the top for the engine, passenger and pilot.

The chassis was somewhat similar to that of the early Blackburn monoplane, and although appearing to be particularly strong would seem to offer a considerable amount of head resistance. The tubular axle was slung from the two short skids by means of rubber shock absorbers.

The flexing elevator formed a continuation of the fixed portion of the horizontal tail plane, and symmetrically divided rudders and vertical tail fins were fitted above and below the tail plane. Evidently the reduction of head resistance obtained by the circular fuselage was more than counteracted by the complicated chassis and wing bracing, for the speed of the machine with an 100 hp Mercedes engine was only just over 60 mph (97 kmh).

Created September 30, 2013