No. 12467. Nieuport 12bis (417) French Air Force
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Nieuport 12bis

07/31/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "A larger, more powerful derivative of the Nieuport 10, the Nieuport 12 was conceived as a two-seat reconnaissance fighter. Soon after its service début with the Aviation Militaire it was successfully operated as an escort fighter. Powered by a 110 hp Clerget 9B rotary, the Nieuport 12 had an armament comprising a single machinegun on a ring mounting in the rear cockpit, this sometimes being supplemented by a forward-firing gun braced to the upper wing.

Produced in considerable numbers in France for the escort role and supplied to the Imperial Russian Air Service, the Nieuport 12 was also license-built in the UK by William Beardmore for the RNAS. The Beardmore-built Nieuport 12s featured an extended lower wing, some having full engine cowlings and fixed fin and plain rudder replacing the Nieuport balanced rudder. Forty Nieuport 12s were transferred to the Royal Flying Corps.

In 1916, an improved two-seat fighter version, the Nieuport 12bis with a 130 hp Clerget 9, was introduced by the Aviation Militaire.

The following data relate to the Nieuport 12.

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